"Allison is one of the top digital strategists I have ever worked with. On a recent Sitecore CMS project she skillfully conducted workshops with the business to develop solutions to some of their most complex marketing problems. Allison was able to negotiate the details with the client on specific features while developing a positive working relationship with them. Defining the business problem to this level helped move the project along and was invaluable to the business analysis and development teams. Allison is a joy to work with, and her sense of humor makes the work environment a lot of fun. I highly recommend Allison in a strategy role, and I would love the chance to work with her again."

- Kendall M., Senior Consultant, Business Analyst

"Allison is a rare find: a meticulous professional, a team force-multiplier, and a real pleasure to work with. I can say without hesitation that she was one of my favorite interactive teammates: always on top of her game, always smart and funny, always patient and respectful of the team. She is an effective leader: ensuring alignment on project goals and expectations, and creating feasible action plans to achieve project success. She is a skilled communicator: keeping project milestones and meetings on schedule and keeping clients’ apprised of project trajectories. She is a team player: providing teams with support and clarity to achieve the best outcome possible."

- Brent W., Senior User Experience Architect


"Allison has a great mind for understanding and developing insights for experience strategy. She has the ability to listen and understand the client’s business objectives and needs. Allison is able to fit in anywhere, and is well suited to be a part of a team, as well as lead the team. She will be a great addition to any organization." 

Steven A., Senior Visual Designer - User Experience

"Having Allison as a teammate was a real treat. She was always level headed in an environment that had a different challenge for you around every corner. I could always count on Allison, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Allison to any company looking for exemplary talent that truly understands the digital space."

- Jason A., SVP Application Manager

"Allison did a fantastic job running workshops, engaging the client, and providing strategic direction to projects. She is a team player who is willing to go above and beyond to help ensure that the team and project are successful. Allison will be an asset to any team lucky enough to land her."

- LaTambra G., Senior Project Manager

"Allison is someone you can count for contributing or leading internal/external projects (big or small) and improving processes (easy or complex). She brings a tremendous amount of industry expertise to the table and is a fantastic asset to any organization."

- Michael P., Principal Consultant, User Experience 

"Allison is one of those rare finds: she is highly intelligent and knowledgeable yet open to suggestions and easy to work with. Allison has an entrepreneurial spirit and contributes fresh thinking and solid ideas, especially to projects she "owns"."

- Kelly H., Director of Digital Strategy

"Allison's quick smile and awesome attitude make her a great addition to any team. Her knowledge and ability to see a client's overall long-term goals make her a valuable client-facing asset, whereas her ability to manage and keep team members on focus make her an incredible internal asset as well. I would be ecstatic to be a part of any team that Allison is on in the future."

- John M., Director of Technology